OOTD: Zara Green Gathered Dress & Plaited Necklace

Hey Y’all

I finally went to Zara to spend my voucher. Pre-5pm when there is still larger than an XS in stock.

So here’s what I got! This dress is a great colour, pretty much my favourite and is a nice silky material. I’ve also loved the idea of these collar necklaces for a while and this is by far the best one I’ve seen. Although I think I’m bordering on looking like a bad fancy-dress Cleopatra with hair, eye makeup and necklace combined :S

The bag is vintage (found within hundreds that Dan’s mum had been hoarding – she does so much charity shopping there’s no point me even bothering as she has it covered!), Boots are Office (and are super comfy incase you were cared!), Blazer is Gap and Nail Varnish is Chubby Cheeks by Essie.


Allie Zara Dress Necklace April 019

Green Gathered Dress // ZARA
Blue Blazer // GAP
Plait Necklace // ZARA
Lace-Up Shoe Boots // Office
Bag // Vintage

Mid Length Bangs Hairstyle 023


Getting used to my new hair now!


Zara Collar Cleopatra Necklace 022

Allie Zara Dress Necklace April 020

Office Lace Up Shoe Boots 021


So Zara eh. I love wandering around in there but they barely ever have my size! So, dear Zara, please please PLEASE go easy on the XS and stock more L & XL please!

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