ASOS Leather Tshirt Dress

Full Length 2 Look 5

Tartan Coat // Zara
Dress // ASOS Curve
Boots // Vagabond at UO

I’m not sure why, but I have had my eye on a leather dress for a while now. There’s just something about the way that leather goes as it gets older and more worn; ever since my Whistles jacket I’ve become a convert.

I was perfectly aware however that it is the stick thin amongst us that can pull off the leather trousers or leather dress look, so I was a bit reticent to splash out over £100 to look like some sort of weird, round S&M practitioner.

When ASOS contacted me in November asking me to pick a party dress for the Christmas season and style it 5 ways, I tried my best to resist the leather t shirt dress. I wasn’t even sure I could style it 2 ways, let alone 5. I don’t go to parties that much anymore (or at least the sort of parties where you’d wear a leather dress..!) so thought I struggle to find accessories that weren’t just black tights and boots.

But, I thought ‘Sod it’ and went for it anyway. YOLO or something, right?

Headshot Look 5 001

This is look 1 of the 5. I call this party look ‘Work’s a party (not)’. This is the kind of thing I wear every day. Black tights, boots, 1 of my many coats and a dress or skirt / top.

My boyf was feeling experimental with the photos and wanted to get the satorialist look (without the stylish model) which was pretty awkward as it was a busy saturday lunchtime and people were looking at me as if I was crazy.

Full Length Look 5

I think I’ve already waxed lyrical about both this coat and these boots (omg, these boots. Get them while you still can – you will thank me later) so I won’t say much more than *favourite*.

If you are interested, you can see the page on ASOS fashionfinder here which has this and the rest of my looks.

Had any experiences with leather that you would care to share? :)

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