It’s Payday, therefore I buy.

A lot of bloggers do weekly posts; round ups of their instagrams full of flat whites, cute animals and party invitations, or wish lists of clothes put together on Polyvore (I just tried this here: Prim Punk)

I was thinking what kind of thing I could do, then realised that I kind of already do. The first weekend of every month there is a set of pictures I take which is all the stuff I have just wasted my wages on.

This month I’ve actually been fairly sensible and still have some money in my bank account (for now). I went to Selfridges and resisted buying the Diane Von Furstenberg 440 mini bag, mainly because I wasn’t overly impressed with the quality at the price. Once you go Mulberry you never go back? I also think I tried on every cocoon coat on the high street and came to the conclusion that they just don’t work for curvy ladies, I looked like I wearing either a dressing gown or my ass was double the size that it really is. Shame, as they are so warm.

French Connection Faux Fur Coat 103

So, I settled on the French Connection number. I’ve been after a (faux) fur coat for a few years now and thought this baby was not only expensive looking, but was a really flattering colour and shape.

French Connection Snow Leopard Skirt 105

I also picked up this great skirt. The cut, finish and print is all very me. It was also 20% off with Stylist, so I couldn’t really say no, could I?!

French Connection Snow Leopard Skirt Zip Detail 106

Beauty wise, I grabbed some some Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum this month. I’ve heard such good things about this product, and at 28 I am beginning to worry that years of drinking alcohol, not drinking water, smoking and general badness will have done horrendous things to my skin come age 30. I’ve only used it twice (mainly because I am so rubbish at taking my make up off before bed!) but I will definitely report back once it’s had time to do it’s thing.

Simple Kind To Skin 102

Because of this over-expenditure (and the spots the Clinique moisturiser I have been using has given me) I’ve also decided to try out Simple’s new ‘Kind to Skin+’ range. I used to use Simple back in the day, but stopped because I found it a bit harsh on my skin; especially the wipes that I had come to rely on. Then, recently I found out about the new sensitive skin range and am currently using the Illuminating radiance cream, and not only have my spots subsided, but I actually feel like it acts as a better primer for my foundation. I’ve also got the eye wipes so hopefully this will help ensure I take off my eyeliner before bed!

Overall, highly recommended.

What have you been spending your pennies on this month?

Weekend Outfit: Prim Punk


This is pretty much what I’ve been wearing this weekend. I used to wear a kilt at school so it does feel a bit school uniform to me, but it’s nice having a thick, easy to wear skirt which is a bit more edgy. Teamed with my easy-to-wear Topshop Tshirt and leather jacket, it’s comfortable and stylish.

I’ve wanted some man boots for a while, but I’m still working on finding some that don’t make me look like an actual man. I guess it’s one of the downsides of having curvy legs; a lot of the straight above-ankle ones just don’t work. These Zara ones however look promising, and I’m all about the cut-outs this season so I might check them out.


Doing Denim with F&F at Tesco

F and F Tesco Look 2 096

Trench Coat (old) – H&M
Teal Camisole – £8, F&F at Tesco
Black Skinny Jeans – £20, F&F at Tesco
Boxy Satchel – £12.50, F&F at Tesco
Western Ankle Boots – £25, F&F at Tesco

When I was a child, my mother used to buy me clothes from Tescos. And in the 90′s, this was not the done thing. My primary school’s Lindsay Lohan doppelganger used to make fun of for my wardrobe, even when I caught her wearing a jumper herself which was from Tesco.

How the times have changed. Now, their flagship brand, F&F is gaining plaudits for their Winter collection which is not only bordering on the insane side of cheap, but is also packed full of punk style. After being featured in Vogue (let’s be honest though, this looks like advertorial!) and amongst the fashion journos, when I was given the chance to participate in a £75 denim style challenge I was delighted.

I decided to make a day work look – something smart casual that was suitable for the office and for running between client meetings with. I even managed to get some super cute lip shine!

F and F Tesco Cherry Lip Stain 099

Cherry Jam Lip Shine – Tesco

So, wow. £75 goes a long way at Tesco. I recently bought some black skinny jeans from Warehouse, but now I wish I didn’t bother as the material of these is thicker, more forgiving and for £20 they’re amazing. I’m definitely going back to Tesco for my jean needs.

F and F Tesco Black Cowboy Boots 097

Please forgive the grimace on my face in the above photographs, but with badly swollen and severely sprained ankle, any types of heels, even these amazing western boots, was not going to be fun!

I can’t wait for my ankle to get better so I can wear these beauties; again they are bang on trend with the metal tips at the heel and toe, and also have a manageable heel for walking around in.

They’re definitely my favourite thing I’ve bought recently for less than £30!

F and F Tesco Look Zoom

Finally, the bag. This is a great colour for Autumn and a shoulder bag which has room to house my huge purse was definitely on my shopping list.

F and F Tesco Oxblood Shoulder Bag 098

Overall, what do you think? I definitely suggest checking the Tesco site out; there’s some really cool long biker jackets, and the dresses & tartan skirts are a must for Winter.

MEATLiquor Brighton: Review

Meat Liquor Brighton Review Menu 108

Burgers: the eating out craze currently sweeping through the urban outfitters generation. But not just any burgers; *real* burgers. I’m talking wagyu beef wannabes with brands burnt into brioche buns. Pick your choice of gourmet toppings, add a side of super skinny fries and seat yourself with your bespectacled friends and chat about your beard growth.

London has been overtaken with a plethora of restaurants specialising in these meaty beauties; Opera, Hache and numerous Byrons are just some that we’ve sampled. Until now, in Brighton we have been well served by Troll’s Pantry, Grubbs and now Burger Brothers. But last night came the ‘game changer’: the opening of the MEATLiquor Brighton in a very bold position on London Road.

For those of you not familiar with London Road, it’s a shit hole of crusties, pound shops, low end super markets, charity shops and greasy spoons. It’s not somewhere you want to be at night, and it certainly isn’t a destination of culinary choice. But, I guess the rent was cheap, the atmosphere edgy and the location equidistant between tourist hell and student heaven. Thus is born MEATLiquor Brighton. A couple of months in the making, this dark, dingy, abbatoir-esque interior with pounding music and neon lighting certainly looks the part.

Seated at our aluminium topped table complete with condiments and kitchen roll, the menu looked like you might expect; no nonsense, straight to the point: burgers, sides & cocktails. No diet coke here, sir. We ordered a selection of everything (including the ‘no more than 2 per person’ cocktails) and quickly received both drinks and sides.

Meat Liquor Brighton Review Sides 107

Yes. That’s a lot of sides. Chilli Cheese Fries, Hippie (a mustardy sauce with a kick) Fries, Normal Fries, and yeah, onion rings complete with an entire bloody onion in each. Definitely good value for money so far, and definitely way, way too much food before our burgers had even arrived.

We also tried some of the specially selected Brighton ‘Fish’ dishes (because everyone who lives or visits Brighton loves fish) – some cajun shrimp & some coconut shrimp. Very nice. All very, very bad for you.

Unfortunately, when our burgers arrived they looked so good we ate them without taking photos. So I guess you’ll just have to go and try them out. The boys decided it was a contender, if not, the best burger in town; but most had had 3 cocktails by then and were buying into the great atmosphere. I had a Chilli dog, which although looking and tasting like a heart attack, had some extremely good flavour and was a nice change from a cheese n bacon burger.

Meat Liquor Brighton Review Light 109

The overall rating? Would risk heart attack again. I’m sure in 6 months it’s going to be full of tourists or 16 year olds dressed like Madonna from the 80′s, but if it still serves the same food, then that’s OK by me.

Khaki & Camo feat H&M, Oasis & Zara

Khaki Camo OOTD 095

Back to black tights it is, then…

Ok I’m secretly quite pleased that the weather has taken a turn for the worse as I have loads of new Autumnal clothes that I want an excuse to wear.

This camouflage pleated skirt from H&M is a bargain at £19.99 and it covers two AW13 trends in one go: Camouflage and leopard (well, it kind of looks like leopard print!). I did have it on with a black t shirt but decided to go CRAZY and wear this khaki one. I found out later that it was pretty see-through but nevermind, I was in London so no one could laugh at me.

I searched high and low in M&S for the rose pink coat that everyone’s after as I thought it would look pretty good with the khaki. Obviously, Westfield was sold out (that is one large mall, ladies) so I came home empty handed, but I still have my dusky pink Zara bib necklace & Oasis bag to go with this outfit.

Camouflage Skirt HM 091

Booth Bruce Glasses Bad Hair 094

Oh yeah, new glasses. At a highly reduced price due to a bit of Googling, haggling and price matching. You like? I definitely think it’s a good colour for me.

AW Trends Camo Rose Pink 090

Khaki Tshirt – Oasis (old)
Camouflage Skirt – H&M
Bib Necklace – Zara (out of stock)
Boots – Office (old)
Bag – Oasis (old)

Booth and Bruce Tortoishell Puddle Glasses Frames 093

Glasses - Specs Brighton

Zara Pink Rose Necklace 092

So that’s that. I stopped myself maxing my credit card on Boden today, but I imagine that it won’t last for long so see you soon for some more Autumn purchases!

Ps. I most definitely need a hair cut. Fringe or no fringe??