July Playlist

West Coast Road Trip 86

Yeah, they’re meerkats. This is my July playlist.

Track List

1. Birth in Reverse – St Vincent
2. 2 Years on (Shame Dream) – How to dress well
3. Genesis – Grimes
4. Into the Black - Chromatics
5. The Wire - Haim
6. Breezeblocks – alt J
7. Tin Man – Future Islands
8. Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac
9. The Funeral – Band of Horses
10. Breathe Me – Sia
11. Elephant – Tame Impala
12. Disparate Youth - Santigold
13. Audience of One – Cold War Kids
14. White Sky – Vampire Weekend

Beach Basics

By the Beach 2

Blue Tummy Control Swimsuit // M&S (Similar), Prescription Rayban Sunglasses // Specs, Brighton
Navy Sandals // Saltwater via Toast, Lumix LF1 Camera // Panasonic
Factor 50 Suncream // La Roche Posay, Saltwater Spray // Kevin Murphy

My beach bag is fairly minimal. I spent literally FOREVER looking for a retro bikini that didn’t make me look like a whale, and failed miserably – so I went back to the old classic of M&S and found this really reasonable, shaping swimsuit which I’m so pleased I brought. If I had the need, there was also a really great blue and white striped one which I highly recommend (and it’s on sale!)

I’ve been living in the Saltwater sandals this year and went for the navy ones, although next year (they sell out so quickly) I think I’m going to get a brighter colour like red. You can wear them in the sea, and if they don’t fit quite right when you get them, you’re supposed to wear them in water and let them mould to your feet as they dry. Clever things, eh.

I got the resort spray by Kevin Murphy when I got my hair cut, and it’s the perfect finishing spray if you’re looking for Alexa Chung hair. It smells great, isn’t sticky and works a treat. Can’t go wrong – especially if you don’t pay £20 for it ;)

Finally, my new camera. This little thing is super smart, tiny and takes a great picture.

What’s in your beach bag this summer?

My Tatty Devine Jewellery Collection

Tatty Devine Collection 1

I’m a big fan of slightly out there jewellery, and you’d be hard pressed to find me wearing a silver chain and some pearl earrings.

I discovered Tatty Devine many moons ago and have slowly been building up (and losing, sad face) my collection ever since.

It’s all laser cut perspex, similar to what I used to make in DT at school when I was 14, just a lot better. Started by two very cool looking ladies in 1999, they’ve been going from strength to strength, with concessions across some of the stylish department stores and 2 shops in Brick Lane and Monmouth St, London.

I’m really into a lot of the collections they produce, with favourites from the sausage dog on wheels (lost this one) to the foxes. And who can forget the food related items. There’s a pattern there to do with things I like that aren’t jewellery…

Tatty Devine Collection 2

I bloody love wearing this Argggghhh necklace to work. It makes me a feel a bit smug in meetings.

One of the most fun Tatty Devine related things I’ve done was to buy one of their lucky dip collections that they seem to be doing every year, where you get sent a box with 4 random pieces and then trade it online. That kept me VERY amused for 2 days.

I also attended their most recent sample sale on my birthday, where I picked up quite a few old pieces (after queuing for an hour or so) at really good prices. Dan and I ended up rifling through the endless boxes of bagged up jewellery looking for rare pieces for almost 2 hours, which was so much fun.

Tatty Devine Collection 5

Finally, I lusted over this cherry blossom necklace for ages before receiving it for my birthday. While not perspex, it looks good with so many of my outfits and I’ve had so many compliments on it, and I think it’s my all time favourite piece. Well, it’s between that and the watermelon.

Tatty Devine Collection 3

Oh, and my burger ring.

What’s your favourite one?

Like a pig in Mud – Sephora Haul

Much to the boyfriend’s chagrin, every city we stopped at in the US led to a stop in Sephora, and more often than not I left with a new piece to add to my already-full travel makeup bag. When in rome and all that (and also when the prices are very good due to dollar rates..). I picked up some real gems, which as any good wannabe beauty blogger would do, I have presented to you below in haul format.

Sephora Haul 1

BB Cream // Bobbi Brown, Travel Size All Nighter Setting Spray // Urban Decay
Clean Slate Poreless Primer // Tarte, Orgasm Blush // Nars

The BB Cream from Bobbi Brown was actually an airport purchase while I was still thinking it was going to be 30 degrees the entire 3 weeks and the SPF 35 would be totally necessary (it wasn’t) but I’m now using it nearly every day. It’s got more coverage than my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser whilst retaining that fresh look that I’ve been trying to perfect since deciding that china doll is not a good summer look.

One of the best things about Sephora is the mini travel products they stock near the counter. Boots, take note. We NEED this. They’re not mini enough to be useless, and they’re cheap enough that you can spend out on some of the dearer brands without breaking the bank (unless you buy all of them, like me). This Urban Decay setting spray is one of these and yes, it really is a mini, however big it looks. I really love this now and use it nearly every day.

Sephora Haul 2

The Tarte primer was a bit of a impulse buy mainly because I liked the packaging (‘haven’t heard that before’ I hear you say) but now I use it underneath my BB cream. I read something the other day that 80%* (made up stat) of all teenage girls now worry that their pores are too big – shows you how powerful the beauty industry is when it comes to driving purchase by creating insecurity. Sucker.

Sephora Haul 5

Pro Precision Foundation Brush #58 // Sephora
, Classic Must Have Smudge Brush // Sephora

Sephora’s own collection brushes are really rather good, and less pricey than Mac who hold primo position for me when it comes to beauty implements. I’m not sure these 2 are the best 2 to buy, but I’d definitely get some more ‘standard’ designs if I’m back over in the US. The smudging brush is quite good for creating a smokey eye (which I’m still rubbish at) but to be honest, I am still struggling with putting foundation on with a brush. HELP ME PLS.

Sephora Haul 3

I just brought this because everyone else on the internet has it and it was cheap. Herp.

Sephora Haul 6

Cream Lip Stain in Always Red // Sephora

And this too! Yet to wear it, I feel a bit like red lip is *too* bold for summer. But I did try it, and it’s as good as everyone says it is. Watch this space.

Sephora Haul 4

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil // Urban Decay, Brow Wizz // Anastasia Beverly Hills
Tattoo Liner // Kat Von D

Finally, 2 of my favourite purchases. Anastasia, as the girl in the shop put it (so helpful!) is the queen of the brow brands. This brow wizz has a little brow brush and a brow pencil which I’ve been using to get Cara D style brows, and sometimes when I use too much, slugs. I’d really recommend it and am happy I got it in a more caramel tone to match my hair colour.
Then, Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D. Much talked about, this really is the creme de la creme of eye liner in my eyes (although I’m yet to try the new Benefit product). It’s also got cool branding.

So go forth, fill your boots at Sephora. Let me know if you pick up anything new, I’m looking for any old excuse to do a new order.

Friday Sausage Dog

I thought it would be nice to post a picture of my very naughty little sausage dog every week.

This week, Eva’s looking a little grumpy, mainly because I have a very hard day at work. She knows, you know.

Doug 18