My Tatty Devine Jewellery Collection

Tatty Devine Collection 1

I’m a big fan of slightly out there jewellery, and you’d be hard pressed to find me wearing a silver chain and some pearl earrings.

I discovered Tatty Devine many moons ago and have slowly been building up (and losing, sad face) my collection ever since.

It’s all laser cut perspex, similar to what I used to make in DT at school when I was 14, just a lot better. Started by two very cool looking ladies in 1999, they’ve been going from strength to strength, with concessions across some of the stylish department stores and 2 shops in Brick Lane and Monmouth St, London.

I’m really into a lot of the collections they produce, with favourites from the sausage dog on wheels (lost this one) to the foxes. And who can forget the food related items. There’s a pattern there to do with things I like that aren’t jewellery…

Tatty Devine Collection 2

I bloody love wearing this Argggghhh necklace to work. It makes me a feel a bit smug in meetings.

One of the most fun Tatty Devine related things I’ve done was to buy one of their lucky dip collections that they seem to be doing every year, where you get sent a box with 4 random pieces and then trade it online. That kept me VERY amused for 2 days.

I also attended their most recent sample sale on my birthday, where I picked up quite a few old pieces (after queuing for an hour or so) at really good prices. Dan and I ended up rifling through the endless boxes of bagged up jewellery looking for rare pieces for almost 2 hours, which was so much fun.

Tatty Devine Collection 5

Finally, I lusted over this cherry blossom necklace for ages before receiving it for my birthday. While not perspex, it looks good with so many of my outfits and I’ve had so many compliments on it, and I think it’s my all time favourite piece. Well, it’s between that and the watermelon.

Tatty Devine Collection 3

Oh, and my burger ring.

What’s your favourite one?

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