Ootd: Mucking about in a Mac

Mac White Shirt Acid Wash Jeans mini

Eva’s getting big now. I think she’s almost doubled in size in the four weeks I’ve had her. But when I say ‘Big’, that’s in perspective. When you see her among other dogs, she’s barely the size of their heads!

We took her to see her Grandmother near Gosport. Dan took these photo’s on his new camera, a Contax G2. I am told that these are good cameras, and the results from the film came out pretty cool (except the close up picture where you can really see my crows eyes, sad face). I’d like to use more of his photos from his different cameras on my blog, when he’ll let me!

I barely ever wear trousers, and it’s something I’m trying to do more of. These jeans are from ASOS, their new ‘Ridley’ style. I’ve got 2 pairs now, both the same style and label size, but both vastly different sizes in practice. That old cherry! Sort it out ASOS! I also spend a ridiculous amount of money on this white Levi’s sleeveless shirt, but it’s a really nice cotton so hopefully it’ll stay white and not go that murky grey colour that all my white clothes go after their first wash.

This Mac though, well, I bought this maybe 5 years ago? £20 from H&M back in poor uni student days. I didn’t wear it much then, as it was a bit ‘old’ for me, or so I thought (pretty sure ‘old’ meant ‘stylish’ for me back then!). Now, all of a sudden, Mac’s (or trench coats, not really sure which this is!) are all over the high-street, and I dug through my suitcase of old smelly clothes for this one!

MiniDachshund Office Idol Sandals mini

Trenchcoat // H&M
White Sleeveless Shirt // Levi’s
Black Acid-Wash Skinny Jeans // ASOS
Black Cut-out Sandals // Office
Gold Long Necklace // Warehouse

I bloody love these Office ‘Idol’ sandals. Although they haven’t been particularly practical this rainy ‘summer’, all the mums love them, all my mates love them, and they are super comfortable. What more could I want? I love them so much I think I might splash out and get the tan colour too!

Cornflower Blue Nail Varnish mini

And finally, the crows eye close up. Eva looks pleased at being shoved in my face like she’s a guinea pig (she’s pretty much the size of one). I’ve bought a couple of new bits & pieces of make up, not least this bourjouis cornflower blue nailvarnish, which reminds me of wearing paint on my nails when we were doing GCSE art back in the day.

I hope you all are enjoying the fact it’s sunny, pay day and friday!

Green in the Pavilion Gardens

Green ASOS Midi Dress 1 030 mini

Dress // ASOS
Cut-out Boots (Again!) // Office
Necklace // Zara
Bracelet // 2nd Hand
Jacket // Zara
Bag // Vintage (From Snoopers Paradise)

A friend of mine and Dan, Andy, left town the other day for a 3 months jaunt in America. So far I’ve seen a picture of him with his soft top burgundy Mustang (he passed his driving test around 2 weeks ago) and another photo of him toting an M43 automatic rifle. Living the American dream, then.

Whilst hiding my jealousy of a 3 month America road trip proves hard, fortunately it isn’t all bad as Andy organised a great meal out the night before he left. Unfortunately, he chose my not so favourite restaurant on Preston Street: Sushi Garden. But, when it comes to food, what Andy says, goes, so off we trotted through Brighton’s famous Pavilion Gardens post foreign-student-6pm.

Outfit wise, I went for my uniform of faux-leather, green dress and Office boots. I really love the colour of this ASOS midi dress and at £25 it’s a steal. Unfortunately I think it’s a tiny bit too long for me, I think a couple of inches off the hem and it could look really nice. As I’m fairly tall (5’8) I don’t know how anybody shorter would find it to be ‘midi’!


50s Brown Vintage Clasp Bag 038 mini
I got this bag from Snoopers Paradise, the random market-type vintage junk shop in the North Laines. While it was pretty expensive at £20 (these shops now tend to chuck ‘vintage’ on the price tag and mark it up by a tenner) I loved the clasp, shape and colour and thought it was in very good condition. I can’t fit my mega purse in it, but that’s a bonus anyway as it just means Dan has to pay ;)


Ruffled Bangs Fashion Blog Photo 037 mini
Stupid picture of bangs.

Make-up however, is pretty much the same as normal. This is my Nars ‘Dragon Girl’ Matte lip pencil. I’m totally going to get another one of these in maybe a rouge red when I get paid.

Eating out at sushi garden 031 mini


Finally – Sushi Garden. I don’t know what they have done in the last ~12 months since the last time we visited, but I thought the food was amazing. Especially the stuff everyone else ordered! Me being me decided to play it safe after our last experience and ended up with food envy all night. If you’re ever in the Hove area, craving Japanese, head to Preston Street and don’t order something safe, go crazy with a few of the veggie tapas dishes.

Until next time good friends, good night.

Introducing Eva: My Mini Dachshund

Well, I’ve been super quiet.

And there’s a (or 2) good reasons for this. Number one: I’ve been snowed under with work. Working late nights for a pitch I did yesterday, for a brand i’d love to work with. God knows how it went, but I can definitely say I am enjoying my very lazy weekend!

Number two: see below.

Hello Eva 036 mini


Isn’t she just adorable?


Miniature Dachshund Eva 034 mini


I’ve been in love with Mini Dachshunds ever since I was 14. My love at first sight story goes something along these lines: I took my ‘then’ dog Winston to our local park, as I used to most evenings. Whilst sitting watching him getting jiggy with the other dogs, a flash of white ran past – a jack russell puppy chasing a ball. Behind that, a mini dachshund puppy. It was doing it’s very best to get to the ball too, legs circling at the speed of light but really not covering very much distance at all. Probably the cutest thing I’d ever seen until I laid eyes on this tiny little thing last Saturday at a very smelly doggy breeder house near Gosport. And thus the story of lust ends, and the story of being responsible and owning my tiny lil dog begins. Watch this space!


Tiny Dachshund 035 mini



Griff and Eva 033 mini


Tiny Mini Dachshund Eva 1 032 mini