Eating out in the US of A

Time for some food porn.

West Coast Road Trip 8

Oysters at the Walrus & Carpenter, Seattle

If there was one thing we did consistently on our West Coast road trip, it was eat good food (in the evenings). We went to some amazing places and ate some of the best food we ever have. And some that we’d never eaten before. Apart from lunch at San Diego zoo, everything was bloody amazing. And cheap!

Starting in Seattle, we ate at:

Le Panier for Breakfast
Piroshky Piroshky for Breakfast
Three Girls Bakery for Lunch
Seatown for Lunch
Walrus & Carpenter for Dinner

West Coast Road Trip 10

Fish dishes at the Walrus & Carpenter

West Coast Road Trip 13

Brussel sprouts (!) and Bacon at Lake Crescent Lodge

When we stopped at Crescent Lake, we just stayed in the restaurant at the lodge and wow did we eat. There was SO MUCH PORK. Everything was locally sourced, super tasty and the view was outstanding.

West Coast Road Trip 14

Pork at Lake Crescent Lodge

West Coast Road Trip 15

Dessert at Lake Crescent Lodge

In Portland, we ate at:

Stumptown Coffee Roasters for Coffee
Via Tribunali for Pizza
Bunks Sandwiches

West Coast Road Trip 27

Trio of Desserts at Bistro 29, Santa Rosa

We had some great food in between Portland and San Francisco:

Local Ocean Seafoods, Newport for Lunch
Waterfront Depot, Florence for Dinner
Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters, Florence for Breakfast
Gabriels Italian, Eureka for Dinner
Bistro 29, Santa Rosa for Dinner

West Coast Road Trip 39

Fish at Bouche, San Francisco

In San Francisco, we ate at both a beautiful Italian (Acquerello) and French restaurant (Bouche) for dinner, spoiled.

Other places:
La Taqueria (apparently the best Mexican in the US) for Lunch

West Coast Road Trip 45

Risotto at Andree’s Bouchee

We went all out in Carmel one night at Andree’s bouchee for Dan’s birthday and even shared a bottle of wine from Sonoma Valley where we’d just driven through (which was AMAZING). We also went to the flying fish grill, which was worth the wait (we had a pint at Clint Eastwood’s old place, as you do) and was a great fusion fish place!

West Coast Road Trip 54

Burger at Sebastian’s Store, San Simeone

We stopped at Hearst castle and decided not to pay the entry price, instead stopping at the only restaurant around, Sebastian’s Store. This picture does not quite get the scale of this burger – Americans were even saying good luck to Dan – however, as far as I gather, it was one of the best burgers of our trip.

We also ate a lot of In n Out burger, heh.

So yes. Lots of food. Writing this made me realise I can’t remember half the places, which is sad and I will make sure next time I take photos of literally everything.

Have you ever been to the US? What food would you recommend?