It’s Payday, therefore I buy.

A lot of bloggers do weekly posts; round ups of their instagrams full of flat whites, cute animals and party invitations, or wish lists of clothes put together on Polyvore (I just tried this here: Prim Punk)

I was thinking what kind of thing I could do, then realised that I kind of already do. The first weekend of every month there is a set of pictures I take which is all the stuff I have just wasted my wages on.

This month I’ve actually been fairly sensible and still have some money in my bank account (for now). I went to Selfridges and resisted buying the Diane Von Furstenberg 440 mini bag, mainly because I wasn’t overly impressed with the quality at the price. Once you go Mulberry you never go back? I also think I tried on every cocoon coat on the high street and came to the conclusion that they just don’t work for curvy ladies, I looked like I wearing either a dressing gown or my ass was double the size that it really is. Shame, as they are so warm.

French Connection Faux Fur Coat 103

So, I settled on the French Connection number. I’ve been after a (faux) fur coat for a few years now and thought this baby was not only expensive looking, but was a really flattering colour and shape.

French Connection Snow Leopard Skirt 105

I also picked up this great skirt. The cut, finish and print is all very me. It was also 20% off with Stylist, so I couldn’t really say no, could I?!

French Connection Snow Leopard Skirt Zip Detail 106

Beauty wise, I grabbed some some Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum this month. I’ve heard such good things about this product, and at 28 I am beginning to worry that years of drinking alcohol, not drinking water, smoking and general badness will have done horrendous things to my skin come age 30. I’ve only used it twice (mainly because I am so rubbish at taking my make up off before bed!) but I will definitely report back once it’s had time to do it’s thing.

Simple Kind To Skin 102

Because of this over-expenditure (and the spots the Clinique moisturiser I have been using has given me) I’ve also decided to try out Simple’s new ‘Kind to Skin+’ range. I used to use Simple back in the day, but stopped because I found it a bit harsh on my skin; especially the wipes that I had come to rely on. Then, recently I found out about the new sensitive skin range and am currently using the Illuminating radiance cream, and not only have my spots subsided, but I actually feel like it acts as a better primer for my foundation. I’ve also got the eye wipes so hopefully this will help ensure I take off my eyeliner before bed!

Overall, highly recommended.

What have you been spending your pennies on this month?

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