Isabel Marant Pour H&M: Suede Boots

Isabel Marant Suede Fringe Boots 005

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I’ll say good night until tonight becomes tomorrow…

I managed to avoid all the previous H&M designer collaborations, but then Versace and Anna Del Russo aren’t so much my cup of tea. The Isabel Marant collection however, caught my eye, and I got up early and trotted into work so that I could nab a pair of her suede fringe boots when they came on sale online at 9am on a Thursday (fashion fortune favours those who don’t have real jobs and / or a management role). It nearly wasn’t to be; I got them into my basket and entered my credit card details, and then all internet hell broke lose. Luckily, my lovely boyfriend managed to find a flaw in their queueing system, logged into my account and put the order through. Hurrah!

Isabel Marant Suede Fringe Boots Label 002

A week later (and several thoughts that they might not *actually* be coming), they turned up in their lovely branded box complete with tote bag. And I tried them on. And then I came to the realisation that I probably wouldn’t wear them, and that they’d sit in my wardrobe and gather dust while I stalked around in my flat loafers and desert boots. For even though they look like they have a manageable heel, they’re actually quite bloody hard to stay upright in.

Isabel Marant Suede Fringe Boots Front On 003

So, it was off to Ebay with them. £100 profit later and a pair of these babies (OH MY GOD, literally the most comfortable boots ever..!), I am happy as larry with my decision, only to be regretted in a few years time when inevitably they will be worth hundreds.

Ever invested in something like that and made a profit? I can’t wait for the next collaboration now, Versace or not..!

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