All American Winter

Boden Topshop Outfit Day 115

It’s well and truly feeling like Winter now, and it’s been a very quiet month from me. Leaving for work in the dark, coming home in the dark and still trying to ‘bring up’ this small dog that I have acquired is making taking photos one of the lower things on my priority list.

Which is a shame, because I’ve brought some cracking clothes recently. I spent the entirety of last Winter in summer dresses, tights and one cardigan; but this year I’ve gone jumper-happy and god damn, I feel warm. Hurray! This cardigan is from Boden – and I can’t wait to show you my other purchases, I literally could have (and did) spent a fortune when I ordered. It’s really warm, has cute detailing like the velvet button holes, and is grey. I’m very into grey at the moment.

One of the girls at work described this Zara necklace as ‘Insane’. I’m still not sure whether she meant in a good or crazy way, and it’s also very spiky and slightly dangerous, so acquire with caution.

Converse Dog Graffiti 118

Cardigan – Boden
Shirt – Urban Outfitters (old)
Skirt – Topshop
Necklace – Zara
High Tops – Converse

This outfit post actually comes courtesy of John Lewis who very kindly sent me some vouchers to acquire and style some Converse. Unfortunately, I already own the best Converse (pictured), so I’ve gone renegade and will just use these ones instead. Naughty.

I haven’t quite worked out the converse and skinny jeans combination, but I do love wearing my all-blacks with a skirt to add a very casual overtone to what could be quite a prim outfit.

Raybans Ruby Woo Portrait 116

I caved and finally brought Mac’s ‘Ruby Woo’, the red lipstick that apparently suits all skin tones. I’m still not sold as to whether it suits me or not, but it stayed on all day which is a miracle in itself. I usually put lipstick on, walk to work, grab a Nero, drink said coffee and that’s the 20 minutes of lipstick gone.

PS. I know it’s winter, and I’m not supposed to be wearing sunglasses, but I was going for the all-American look with the denim shirt and trying to not look so weird with my hair up. Don’t judge me.

Big Eva Dachshund 117

Speaking of the dog, she’s pretty big now. I looked at some of my old pics of her recently and she was very tiny when we got her. She’s really noisy and stubborn, but still looks cute so I melt every time she frustrates the living hell out of me :)

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