Where the Wild Things are: M&S Pink Coat


So, this is the IT Coat this season. I actually tried on the ‘barely’ pink version of this and I look rubbish in it, but I live in hope of finding a flattering version as I am a big fan of rose pink. I decided to style it with a bit of humour as I think it edges towards looking a bit too prim and ladylike; in my opinion you either go full on masculine with chunky boots and a statement jumper, or you liven it up with more colour blocking accessories.

I was tempted to buy the ring version of this Kenzo lion necklace, but having short stubby fingers didn’t think I could carry it off. Besides, it was just around the time that Cara D unveiled her lion tat, so I figured it was pretty much a fad. I do love the geometric design though and would definitely wear this if I could afford it.

The Lulu Guinness clutch is very cute, and the Charlotte Olympia shoes are a great colour green. Teamed with black – leather and a crop jumper from Topshop, I Think you can just about get away with how zany this is!


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