Palm Print & Hair Indulgence

Topshop Skirt Black Vest Warehouse Long Chain 056 mini

Palm Print Skirt // Topshop
Vest // ASOS
Biker // Zara
Gold Fan Necklace // Warehouse
Sandals // Office

Good day!

I’m going to tell you a secret – this outfit of the day post was actually taken last week when the weather wasn’t so terrible. Since then I’ve actually bought some new thick black tights; I heard rumblings that rain will be all we see until August (say it isn’t so!).

I find Topshop a bit hit and miss. I think if you’re a nubile 18 year old who’s a size ten with great legs, then it’s amazing – real fashion for real prices. For someone like me who’s a bit more mum then Miley, I definitely feel like I’m edging towards being a bit fat wolf in a slender sheep’s clothing. But does that stop me dabbling? Hell no.

This ‘Palm Print’ (it’s actually Forest Print according to their site, but Palm Print is more on trend so we’ll go with that..) midi-skirt with slits up the thigh is a bit risque, but I was drawn to the colour and the almost mini-skirt length where the slits start. So basically it’s a midi mini-skirt for people who can’t wear real mini-skirts anymore. Get it? Great.

Beauty Look Hair Bangs June 054 mini

Notice anything new about my hair?

Nope, it’s not been cut. It doesn’t even look that different (it never does, I’ve been blessed/cursed with poker straight thick hair forever). But it does smell and feel amazing!

Neal & Wolf were kind enough to send me some very lovely conditioner, intensive conditioner (hell yes, love this) and blow-dry balm to treat my fly-away locks. My general haircare routine is very poor – I pretty much choose whatever Shampoo is on deal at Boots (and I always run out of bloody conditioner before shampoo, ARGH – anyone else get this?). I blow-dry, and mostly straighten my hair, and it is therefore prone to getting dry ends.

Neal And Wolf Hair Indulgence 068 mini

Neal and Wolf Silk // Smoothing Blow-Dry -Balm
Ritual // Daily Conditioner
Harmony // Intensive Care Treatment

The branding looks very classy, but the first thing that really hits you is the smell. I know smell is personal, but I’d be surprised if you didn’t love the rich aroma emanating from these nicely designed purple & cream bottles! And this definitely translated to my hair – I had great smelling hair for 2 days after using the Intensive Care Treatment.

But how does it work? The conditioner and intensive care treatment both worked Well, in a word. I wasn’t totally blown away – but then as I said my hair is pretty much as-is, all the time. I can however laud the smoothing blow-dry balm. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve used something before blow-drying which is supposed to prevent frizz, but just leaves my hair feeling sticky and like I need a wash. This was the opposite – it left my barnet silky and smooth like I’d been to the hairdressers – major thumbs up from me!

You can get all 3 as part of a ‘Smooth Trio’ gift pack from the site.

What are your favourite daily hair care tips? Do you just do Shampoo & Condition or do you go a bit more intensive?

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