OOTD: Warehouse Jersey Dress

Warehouse Pink Jersey Dress Office Cutout Sandals 046 mini

Well, thank god it’s summer (for now).

My black winter tights were really reaching the end of their very well-worn life, and it was getting to the point where I was almost considering buying some new ones. But then out came the sun! And it was glorious! Now I just need to do something about my pale, hairy, out of shape legs…;)

This is not really outfit of the day, as much as outfit of the weekend. We visited a place called Parham Park, which is a beautiful deer park about 5 minutes from where I grew up and took the pup along with us. Apparently she has now acquired a taste for deer poo. Dirty Dog.

Headshot Culturazzi Warehouse Dress Zara Leather Jacket 045 mini

Needless to say, the sun was out and I was happy. We did a little stroll around the park and took a couple of photos. I’m wearing my new Warehouse dress which was in my previous post, and not only is it super comfortable, a great colour and really nice fit, it’s also a size smaller than normal. BONUS.

I think if I was going to any more festivals this year (I’m not, sad face, unless I do what I did last year and rogue win tickets to Latitude on the day!) then this dress would be my go-to. Cute, but comfortable. My favourite.

Warehouse Print Jersey Dress Parham Park 044 mini

Dress // Warehouse
Multi-strand gold necklace // Topshop
Pink Satchel // Warehouse
Black Cut-out Sandals // Office
Faux Leather Jacket // Zara
Dog // Pain in the Ass

Paired with these Office nubuck cut-out sandals, (which as I’ve said before are like *the* comfiest, best shoes I’ve bought in a while), my small pink Warehouse satchel, TopShop Multi-strand Necklace and Zara Pleather Jacket, this is perfect for Spring.

Long Bob and Bangs Lancome Mascara 047 mini

I’m also rocking some of my new make up in this picture. Lancome ‘Doll Eyes’ mascara, which was well worth the splurge (more to come on this!) and some new foundation – L’Oreal True Match, which is a bit more ‘liquid’ than I’m used to, so the juries still out on this one.

Anyone been up to anything fun this weekend?

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