Doing Denim with F&F at Tesco

F and F Tesco Look 2 096

Trench Coat (old) – H&M
Teal Camisole – £8, F&F at Tesco
Black Skinny Jeans – £20, F&F at Tesco
Boxy Satchel – £12.50, F&F at Tesco
Western Ankle Boots – £25, F&F at Tesco

When I was a child, my mother used to buy me clothes from Tescos. And in the 90′s, this was not the done thing. My primary school’s Lindsay Lohan doppelganger used to make fun of for my wardrobe, even when I caught her wearing a jumper herself which was from Tesco.

How the times have changed. Now, their flagship brand, F&F is gaining plaudits for their Winter collection which is not only bordering on the insane side of cheap, but is also packed full of punk style. After being featured in Vogue (let’s be honest though, this looks like advertorial!) and amongst the fashion journos, when I was given the chance to participate in a £75 denim style challenge I was delighted.

I decided to make a day work look – something smart casual that was suitable for the office and for running between client meetings with. I even managed to get some super cute lip shine!

F and F Tesco Cherry Lip Stain 099

Cherry Jam Lip Shine – Tesco

So, wow. £75 goes a long way at Tesco. I recently bought some black skinny jeans from Warehouse, but now I wish I didn’t bother as the material of these is thicker, more forgiving and for £20 they’re amazing. I’m definitely going back to Tesco for my jean needs.

F and F Tesco Black Cowboy Boots 097

Please forgive the grimace on my face in the above photographs, but with badly swollen and severely sprained ankle, any types of heels, even these amazing western boots, was not going to be fun!

I can’t wait for my ankle to get better so I can wear these beauties; again they are bang on trend with the metal tips at the heel and toe, and also have a manageable heel for walking around in.

They’re definitely my favourite thing I’ve bought recently for less than £30!

F and F Tesco Look Zoom

Finally, the bag. This is a great colour for Autumn and a shoulder bag which has room to house my huge purse was definitely on my shopping list.

F and F Tesco Oxblood Shoulder Bag 098

Overall, what do you think? I definitely suggest checking the Tesco site out; there’s some really cool long biker jackets, and the dresses & tartan skirts are a must for Winter.

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