April Purchases: Essie Nail Polish, Kiehl’s & Liz Earle

Evening everyone!…Anyone?!

Here’s a round up of my favourite purchases so far this month. I say so far like I’ve got any money left to buy anything else.

Currently most of my money is sat somewhere at ASOS and has been for the last 2 weeks, they’re really pushing the limit on their returns this month!

Mostly this month I’ve been buying nail varnishes. I’ve not really had any nails for years, so after 6 months of wearing fake ones in an attempt to grow them, I’ve finally got some little tiny nails which haven’t seen the sun for months and keep breaking. But I’m not going to let that deter me. One day I will have beautifully manicured nails that are real. One day.

So on that note, first purchase. Essie nail varnishes. Good enough branding and ‘fashionable’ enough, but not overly expensive.


Essie Spring 2013 Nail Polish

Nail Polishes by Essie

The one in the middle is a pretty nude, which is very ‘in’ this season (Not just a pretty face). The green (Stylenomics) which looks amazing in the bottle is a bit too dark for me – ends up looking just a bit like grubby black spinach colour which is a shame. The reddy-brown (Angora Cardi) goes a bit browner than it looks but is still pretty nice. All in all though, I’m still mainly wearing my favourite orangey pinkey red: Chubby Cheeks.


Liz Earle Moisturiser Kiehls Toner

Kiehl’s Herbal-Extract Toner, Liz Earle Moisturiser & Serum

I thought I’d grab some new skin-care stuff when I got a voucher for John Lewis for Christmas. Took me forever to order something – and eventually I went for this Liz Earle Moisturiser and Wrinkle Serum as it isn’t super expensive but had great reviews on JL.

I’ve been really impressed with the moisturiser – I was previously using Kiehl’s Ultra-Facial but at £50 wasn’t 100% sold. This is a lot cheaper, feels really buttery on application and most importantly doesn’t give me spots!

I’m not really sure about the wrinkle stuff yet. Maybe because I don’t have *that* many wrinkles and I’m just being neurotic ;)


Warehouse Leather Bow Belt 018

Warehouse Brown Leather Bow Belt

Finally, I got a new belt from Warehouse. I’ve been on the lookout for something like this for ages – a belt that’s actually meant to be worn round your waist with a dress so you don’t have to hide any garish belt buckles round the back of your cardi!

This is nice, neutral and girly. Now I just need to watch how much cake I eat so it continues to fit. As ever, high street sizing continues to have the same continuity as the British summer.

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