New hairstyle: Bangs and a kind of bob

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Yes that’s right, I’ve got the same haircut that I had when I was 13! And I actually like it this time!

I had a lovely week of pampering last week. I had my first ever facial at the Treatment Rooms in Brighton, and then decided to book myself in for a long needed haircut at Mooch. Don’t let their website put you off.. It’s a great, friendly salon and their prices aren’t extortionate like the Trevor Sorbies and Headmasters of the Brighton world! My only gripe would be the £6 they charge for a 2 minute fringe trim. A lot of other places do it for free – and because of this I do it to myself for free too, albeit taking 5 attempts and an hour to get it straight.

My facial was not really what I was expecting. I figured I would get the aromatherapy oils and the weird music, but what I was not prepared for was the insanely painful skin squeezing known as ‘extraction’ half way through. Serves me bloody right not to even read up on what was going to happen to me! I left feeling a little ‘meh’ as I was really tense the entire time, but then I noticed how smooth my skin is. And now I’m in love.

But I did do some further reading, and apparently extraction is really bad long-term for the collagen around your pores. So maybe it’s something best saved for when my skin really does feel like sandpaper.

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