Introducing Eva: My Mini Dachshund

Well, I’ve been super quiet.

And there’s a (or 2) good reasons for this. Number one: I’ve been snowed under with work. Working late nights for a pitch I did yesterday, for a brand i’d love to work with. God knows how it went, but I can definitely say I am enjoying my very lazy weekend!

Number two: see below.

Hello Eva 036 mini


Isn’t she just adorable?


Miniature Dachshund Eva 034 mini


I’ve been in love with Mini Dachshunds ever since I was 14. My love at first sight story goes something along these lines: I took my ‘then’ dog Winston to our local park, as I used to most evenings. Whilst sitting watching him getting jiggy with the other dogs, a flash of white ran past – a jack russell puppy chasing a ball. Behind that, a mini dachshund puppy. It was doing it’s very best to get to the ball too, legs circling at the speed of light but really not covering very much distance at all. Probably the cutest thing I’d ever seen until I laid eyes on this tiny little thing last Saturday at a very smelly doggy breeder house near Gosport. And thus the story of lust ends, and the story of being responsible and owning my tiny lil dog begins. Watch this space!


Tiny Dachshund 035 mini



Griff and Eva 033 mini


Tiny Mini Dachshund Eva 1 032 mini

  • Corinne
    May 4, 2014

    Hello…I think Eva is the prettiest dachshund I’ve seen. I live in Essex and am looking to buy a little girl and have been for a while. Where did you buy her from, could you please let me know.

    Many thanks


    • Allie
      July 19, 2014

      HI Corinne, sorry for the delay, been having a bit of a hiatus! We got her from a breeder near Gosport in Hampshire.

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