OOTD: French Connection Stripes & Hipster Glasses

Allie UK Fashion Blogger Glasses 029

Glasses // Booth & Bruce

First off, I just want to say that I do need to wear these glasses. They’re the real deal, I can even see better in them and stuff. They are certainly not the lense free hipster-issue perspex ones which were floating about for a while last year. No sir, definitely not. I just don’t wear them very often!

..And now that’s out the way, here’s my outfit of the day.


French Connection Pea Coat 028

Khaki Pea Coat // French Connection
Breton Striped Dress // French Connection
Croc Bayswater Bag // Mulberry
Cut-out Boots // Office
Scarf // Warehouse

I didn’t really think about the fact I was pretty much wearing all French Connection until I started writing this post. My love of French Connection has certainly increased in the past year – I don’t think you can get better quality for the money. I was reading somewhere that fashion in the UK is seeing a shift from trends to investment pieces and perhaps I have been mosying along in the same direction.

If I could choose a high-street brand to get a ‘most improved’ award then French Connection would definitely be the recipient. Gone are the FCUK days (yes, I totally had one of those tshirts when I was 13) and now we see grown up collections with beautiful palettes and great accessories. Although I do feel like they should give the Herve Leger bandage dress copy a rest now)!

Mulberry Bayswater Croc Tote 030

Still in love with my bag, by the way. And the fact I have to moisturise it every couple of weeks!

French Connection Outfit 027

So there you have it, a dreary tuesday shoot in the car park up the road.

I was working all night last night, so tonight I am going to sit my ass down on the sofa, watch Game of Thrones and Mad Men, and definitely not think about my computer.

Good night!

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