Perfume Review: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Parfum

Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum 041

I’m a big fan of Marc Jacobs (and Marc by Marc Jacobs, apparently you’re not supposed to confuse the 2, but I will, thank you!). I think what he’s done in the last year or so is great – perfectly filling the gap between high street and luxury on price point, target audience and design. Desperate to own a small piece, I asked for the Shorty USB stick keyring for Christmas but was refused as my Dad just didn’t get that £35 was alright to pay for a USB stick, as long as it was a Marc Jacobs one. Damn.

A couple of months ago I treated myself to the Marc Jacobs ‘Lola’ sunsheer perfume – I really liked the packaging (again, my downfall) and it’s fresh fruity aroma. I also really liked the standard ‘Lola’ so I went back into Boots last weekend to pick that one up…and came back with ‘Daisy’ instead!

This was due to my impeccable timing (which never normally happens) and there being £10 off fragrances if you spend £50. Rather than buying 2 Eau de toilletes, I decided to try some Eau de Parfum out – from my days with Christian Dior’s ‘Addict’, I learnt that Eau De Parfum not only lasts longer but also gives a stronger smell (i.e. it exists after about 20 minutes).

I found ‘Daisy’ by Marc Jacobs to be wonderfully fresh, but at the same time provocative. You can definitely smell the Jasmine, and it would suit evening-wear as well as during the day for the more daring among us. While perfume is obviously a very personal thing, I think this musky scent would be a good bet as a present for the discerning lady, and at £50 (or £40 in my case, woo hoo!) for a 50ml bottle of Eau de parfum (with a very cool top, as ever) I think it’s pretty good. I think I prefer it to my sunsheer!

What’s your signature scent? Are you an Eau de parfum devotee, or do you just go for the eau de toilette?

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