Staple Diet: The best coffee shops in Brighton

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There is one staple in my diet, and that is coffee. Morning, afternoon, evening. Before breakfast, during lunch, after dinner. I honestly can’t get enough of the caffeinated coffee world.
Not being made of money, I generally use my lovely boyfriend’s Delonghi coffee maker (in a very nice electric blue) for the at-home indulgences, but when I’m out and about there are some great coffee shops to visit in Brighton. My coffee of late has been a very sensible, and maybe boring, flat white. But I love my milky fix.

Of course you have the normal chains of Costa, Starbucks, Nero dotted on every corner of what seems like every street in the city center, manned by Slavic froth-bots as Bill Bailey so well describes it, but here is a small list of the less well-known independent favourites of mine.

1) Frankie’s Grinder (180 Edward Street, Brighton)

This small, independent coffee shop has some really nice rustic decor and a takeaway hatch outside for those in a rush. Located very near American Express and on-route to the hospital, you can find a selection of pastries, sandwiches and other lunchtime snacks as well as some very nice and fairly priced coffee.

2) Taylor Street (28 Queens Road, Brighton)

Situated on the walk to or from the station, this is my go-to cafe if I am doing the London run. This is probably the best coffee in Brighton and is a great place to meet with friends, colleagues or clients. Also serving some lovely food, including great bacon sandwiches, brunch no longer be eaten with bad coffee!

3) Cafe Coho (53 Ship Street, Brighton)

Now I’ll admit, I’ve only been here once even though I work in the South Lanes. I’m not really sure why – I loved everything about it and all the cakes and pastries looked amazing. The decor is also really cool, open brick walls and a great way of presenting the specials on a pull down brown paper wallpaper type thing!


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