An Introduction to Allie..

Welcome to the problematic first post.

Let me first tell you a little about myself, and then a little about why this blog has appeared on the internet.

For those of you who know me (probably my only readership) I apologise for the waste of the next 2 minutes of your life, for those who don’t, I’m Allie. I live in Brighton, and I believe there isn’t a city in Britain which can offer the same mixture of culture, street fashion, dining and music all within a mile square of regency, art-deco and plain ugly architecture. Of course, I’m hoping I’m proved wrong and would be very willing to accept tips for other places to visit that aren’t your standard tourist haven. I’m also a little bit sarcastic and tend to say what I think, so reviews could be quite blunt.

Style wise, I wouldn’t say I have that much. I’m curvy, fairly tall and generally love too much colour, although I’ve been trying to do the sensible thing and wear more ‘slimming’ black. My uniform is generally dress, cardigan and flats. Heels ocassionally get brought out at night but if I’m having more than one beverage of the alcoholic variety this is not generally a good plan for my ankles. That being said, I own brogues, a pair of (real) Rayban Wayfarers and a polka dot dress so I can’t be too far off the trends. Things I need to do to improve my style:

  • - Realise that fashion exists outside of Topshop, H&M and Oasis and try out more online and boutique offerings
  • - Care less about how fat my behind looks
  • - Be more daring with mixing prints and colour. I’m analytical by nature and I think I need to stop paying so much attention to the rule books.

I’ve included some stock photos of 2 of my newest purchases so you can get an idea of what I have had my eyes on recently, and modelled photos to come:

WH Skirt 200x300French Connection Tiger Eye Cabochon Ring S M eBay

If you have any tips of great online shops, ideas for styles to try or anything fashion related at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me (I need all the help I can get…)

For beauty, I’m pretty pathetic, and this is something I want to get more adventurous with also. My hair is long, straight and unbearably thick (yes this is great – but impossible to do anything with without a vat of hairspray). My eyes are noticeably my best feature, and like any normal girl I wear far too much makeup to try and highlight this. Swathes of black eyeliner some days and crazy coloured eye shadow the next. I’m still looking for a shade of lipstick I think suits me, which is definitely on my beauty bucket list. My favourite beauty implements:ntact me (I need all the help I can get…)

  • - Bourjouis ‘Liner Pinceau’ Eyeliner – my favourite liquid liner with a tiny brush for perfect cats eyes
  • - The ever trusty GHDs – because my straight hair can never be too straight, right?
  • - Chanel ‘Le Crayon Kohl’ Pencil in Ambre – for eyeliner during the day or when I’m not feeling like showing off my bleary eyes

The rest of the blog will include reviews and chat on things I have been up to. I go for a roast nearly every weekend with my nerdy friends too, so there will be a lot of beef and horseradish related photography and posts.

Hopefully this post will only be the beginning of things, and as far as my writing and content is concerned, the only way is up!

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