Outfit: Yellow Floral Stripe Dress

Topshop Stripey Dress Full

Jacket // Zara //
Yellow Floral Stripe Dress // Topshop
Black Tights // M&S
Necklace // ASOS
Cut-out Buckle Boots // Office

I had a really nice Sunday today.

The weather was arctic (though not as bad as the rest of the country, eh!) but that didn’t stop us going for a mooch around the shops and coming back with an incredible carton of Boho Gelato ice cream. This stuff really has to be eaten to be believed. I went there specifically to get some salted caramel flavour which I had seen advertised somewhere else, but they were out. So instead we went for a right old mix of flavours: Banana & Nutella, Honeycomb Fudge, Cherry Bakewell Sorbet and Mini Egg. Needless to say, it didn’t last very long. If you’re ever in Brighton, i’d recommend paying a visit.

My outfit today is one of my new favourite ‘go-to’s. This T-shirt material dress was supposed to be spring-summer but has turned out to be more spring-winter, teamed with black opaque tights and a black body-con dress underneath for warmth. I love the bold print though; and the cute low v back will be great when the weather passes 10 degrees.

I umm’d and ahh’d over getting a leather jacket last Autumn as I wasn’t sure the biker look would suit. Then I spied this pleather version in Zara at £40, and thought ‘why the hell not’! Here I am 5 months later and I bloody love the thing. Teamed with the dress and Office cut-out boots and I almost feel cool!

Office Cut Out Buckle Boots

Guess what lipstick I’m wearing? You got it! It’s another fashion blogger favourite. How original! Topshop’s ‘Brighton Rocks’ matte colour. I guess it’s kind of allowed though as I’m actually *in* Brighton, right?!

Allie Culturazzi Profile Pic

And finally, as a bonus laugh, here’s us trying to do a Satorialist shot. It also reminds me of how much weight I’ve put on (sadface, baww, the ice cream *was* nice though!), so, March 24th resolution is back to the Gillian Michaels DVD!

Street Style Try Outs Topshop

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