La Vie est Belle: New Lancome Perfume

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Perfume 076

La Vie est Belle

Boots and their bloody £5 off perfume vouchers; gets me every time.

The newest addition to my collection is this beautiful musky, sultry number from Lancome. Reading the info after my rash purchase, I found it’s made with Jasmine, which seems to be one of the more pleasing perfume ingredients for my nose. It’s also got a very classy bottle – something as my collection grows that I care more about.

Apparently it also has something to do with Julia Roberts, and I quite like her, so that’s OK with me too.

Lancome Skincare Giftset 078

Then, I got done over by Boots again with their promise of a free gift if I brought another Lancome item. So, I treated myself to the Albar Elbaz Hypnose Mascara which I’ve had my eye on for months. Now I’m the proud owner of all these little tiny bits and pieces!

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