Hello Fresh: A New Eating Regime

HelloFresh Welcome Booklet 084

Me and my man have been struggling recently. We are both (now) busy people, him with a successful web agency (no, he didn’t design this site, jerk!) and me with a challenging new role at my current agency. We also live in the centre of a cosmopolitan city with a plethora of restaurants, cafes and, ruh-roh, takeaways. Add both of those together and you get our incredibly unhealthy eating habits which include being on first-name terms with certain pizza delivery drivers.

Bad, eh. Then the other day I saw something about HelloFresh, a service a bit like Graze except you get a box with 5 full-blown meals worth of food and recipes.

What really appealed to us though was the variety of food which was available in the box the week we signed up. Not only do we love food, we love trying new food and cooking fresh, healthy meals without the effort of 1. having to think of them and 2. having to get all the ingredients and 3. having to remember to cook it seemed too good to be true.

So we got our first box. And wow, are we impressed! We just made our first meal, a Tabbouleh salad (which looks to be the weakest choice, mainly because I’m not a Halloumi fan) and you can see the result below!

HelloFresh Tabbouleh Salad With Halloumi 089

So we’re going to try this out – 5 meals for £50, all portion controlled, all fairly healthy, interesting and tasty. All the ingredients are delivered straight to our door from independent outlets which also appeals, I love supporting local business and the quality was way better than even Waitrose has been offering recently.

I got £20 off my first box – if you want £20 off yours too (and you can only have 1 box so no recurring contract) then use discount code AVRQ2B at checkout.

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