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Costume Jewellery Necklaces Zara

Left to Right: Pink Beaded Necklace // Zara , Crystal Flowers Necklace // Zara, White Cube Necklace // Cos
Yellow Bead Necklace // Toast, Blue Collar Necklace // Zara

I’m a big fan of costume jewellery and have built up quite a collection of chunky necklaces from the high street, which I’m now displaying on this Moomin jewellery stand that my boyf very kindly bought me for my Birthday. Big fan of Moomins here. Check out Pussy and watch your wallet shrink at the same rate as mine.

For necklaces, Cos & Zara hit it out the park year after year – Cos for their geometric shapes and quirky use of material; Zara for their colourful and bold design and beautiful beading. They’re not the cheapest pieces of jewellery you’ll ever buy, but pair them with any old jersey top & jeans and you’ve got yourself a chic, casual outfit.

Costume Jewellery Necklaces Zara Close Up

This yellow one from Toast is a new purchase, I picked it up in the sale for still far too much money. I’m really into Toast but find their clothes a bit shapeless for me (bit like Cos, then!) so I made do with grabbing a pair of saltwater sandals (LOVE) and some mega beads. Again, this looks great with a black or white jersey vest and I really like the suede ties.

Costume Jewellery Necklaces Zara Close Up 1

This Zara crystal one is an oldy but a goody. It’s quite posh and makes me look a bit like a princess (which I totally am, btw) but sometimes thats just what you want to look like at work on a Monday.

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