Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo – In the (Fashion) News

So, it appears the newest collaboration between fashion icon and high street name is Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo.

I must say, I’m a little more enthused about this one as uniqlo haven’t just used it as an opportunity to hike up their prices for a range that rides on the back of someone elses design talent (Orla Kiely *everything* anyone?)

However, not being stick thin does somewhat limit my print-clashing choices. I think I will have to dive deeper into the collection and see if there is anything I actually truly like that will suit me. The number of printed shirts I have tried on recently that end up making me look like Pat Butcher without the cool earrings!

I do really love this styling though on these Pyjama Pants…



Screen Shot 2013 03 22 at 00.32.12


What do you guys think? Anything good to be had? It’s cheap, and clearly cheerful, but is it *too* cheerful for your spring wardrobe?

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