Olympic Swimmers

Olympic Swimmers GDS

Olympic Swimmers supported Admiral Fallow at the Green Door Store this month. They were pretty good, as much as I could tell standing right next to the speakers to try and get some non-microphone stand shots..

A Copenhagen Canal

Canel Copenhagen

So this is an un-edited picture from the Leica M4. The colours in the film came out really well. You can see it might have been a tad cold in Denmark last weekend!

Carlsberg Elephant Gate – Copenhagen

Carlsberg Copenhagen

We stayed in an apartment in Vesterbro for 4 nights while in Copenhagen – using airbnb was great – cheap, and our host was a professional photographer with lots of books to leaf through in the evening when even 3 pairs of tights couldn’t force me outside. Nearby was the Carlsberg factory. There is a horrific square high-rise office block so from the distance I wasn’t expecting much. The older buildings, however, were beautiful, and obviously the famous elephant gate is a must-have photograph. So here you go. 12 hours until I get my Leica images!

A Wall in Copenhagen

Door Copenhagen

So I’ve just returned from a long weekend in Copenhagen. Most of my pictures from the Canon are terrible. But I did acquire a new toy while I was away from my boyfriend – a 1967 Leica M4. It’s a bit battered, which is great for me as I’m terrible at throwing cameras in my handbag, and hopefully my first 2 films will be a slight improvement on the DSLR shots I took on the first couple of days in this beautiful city.