FFPaperDollParty1 002

Look at what came through the post today!

This is a beautifully-presented invite to take part in a competition to promote the F&F Christmas Collection, featuring a life-like paper doll to dress up with miniature versions of the collection and a branded set of Biscuiteers biscuits. What a lovely surprise.

Even if I don’t win the competition (Oh please!) at least I have discovered Biscuiteers, what a great way to promote your brand. Trying to get my partner to promote his brand with some!

FFPaperDollParty2 003

As part of the competition I will be dressing my doll up and styling her with pieces from the collection, then posting about it here – and if they look anything like the paper versions in reality, I’m sure I’ll end up buying a couple of outfits too; I was super impressed with the quality vs. cost when I posted about F&F before.

FFPaperDollParty3 004

FFPaperDollParty4 005

FFPaperDollParty6 007

Keep an eye out for the posts, and if you’d like to get involved and win a £50 voucher on Pinterest, check here

Revisiting my grunge days

Full Length 2 Look 1

Jumper // H&M
Dress // ASOS Curve
Sparkly Socks // Urban Outfitters
Ring // French Connection

Well, the ASOS Facebook was all pretty amusing yesterday wasn’t it. While I have grown to deal with (I’m not going to say ‘Love’ as who really loves everything about them?) the way I look and the rest of ‘me’ as a person to the point where that kind of thing isn’t really an issue, I know there are still younger people who it is a big deal to; just remember that the people saying these things will generally be jealous that they aren’t like you in at least one (probably more important) way. There are many more people with a cross to bear about size (not just in fashion), whether we’re talking anorexic or obese, and the only thing I know about it is that it’s not going to change any time soon. So let’s just leave it at that and move on to one of my better looks (shockingly, the look featured isn’t my favourite either! wow!) – the 90′s grunge look.

I dug this lipstick out of the depths of my make up bag. I’m almost certain it’s probably a year or so past its ‘best by’ but I had a go anyway and I actually quite like the colour with my new hair! The leather t shirt dress is obviously worn with this black H&M fluffy jumper (styles like this everywhere at the moment) and also a very rare outing for my legs.

HeadShot Look 11

Full Length 3 Look 1

Well, that was all a bit serious wasn’t it. Probably the first time on here that I have been opinionated! Hurrah!

ASOS Leather Tshirt Dress

Full Length 2 Look 5

Tartan Coat // Zara
Dress // ASOS Curve
Boots // Vagabond at UO

I’m not sure why, but I have had my eye on a leather dress for a while now. There’s just something about the way that leather goes as it gets older and more worn; ever since my Whistles jacket I’ve become a convert.

I was perfectly aware however that it is the stick thin amongst us that can pull off the leather trousers or leather dress look, so I was a bit reticent to splash out over £100 to look like some sort of weird, round S&M practitioner.

When ASOS contacted me in November asking me to pick a party dress for the Christmas season and style it 5 ways, I tried my best to resist the leather t shirt dress. I wasn’t even sure I could style it 2 ways, let alone 5. I don’t go to parties that much anymore (or at least the sort of parties where you’d wear a leather dress..!) so thought I struggle to find accessories that weren’t just black tights and boots.

But, I thought ‘Sod it’ and went for it anyway. YOLO or something, right?

Headshot Look 5 001

This is look 1 of the 5. I call this party look ‘Work’s a party (not)’. This is the kind of thing I wear every day. Black tights, boots, 1 of my many coats and a dress or skirt / top.

My boyf was feeling experimental with the photos and wanted to get the satorialist look (without the stylish model) which was pretty awkward as it was a busy saturday lunchtime and people were looking at me as if I was crazy.

Full Length Look 5

I think I’ve already waxed lyrical about both this coat and these boots (omg, these boots. Get them while you still can – you will thank me later) so I won’t say much more than *favourite*.

If you are interested, you can see the page on ASOS fashionfinder here which has this and the rest of my looks.

Had any experiences with leather that you would care to share? :)

Burton ‘Gifts for Geezers’ Competition

Burton Gifts for Geezers

I’ve been collecting gift ideas for my better half over the last couple of months; he’s incredibly difficult to buy for, mainly because if he sees something he likes, he orders it (argh); so when I got an email from Burton about their competition ‘Gifts for Geezers’, I thought I would pop my picks into post format and here they are!

Everything is under £100 (although whether i’d spend that much on some Aesop hand wash, however good it is, is to be seen), including the beanie from Burton which I may actually buy for myself.

Tea Sub // £10 // Amazon
Herschel Camo Washbag // £20 // Attic Clothing
UGG Scuff Leather Slippers // £70 // UGG
Pom Pom Hat // £10 // Burton
Hand Wash & Balm // £85 // Aesop
Lego Architecture // £35 // Lego
Belt // £65 // Anderson at Mr Porter
Bag // £100 // J Crew

So what do you think? Sorted your gift for the boyfriend / husband out yet?

Beauty Haul & Lancôme L’Absolu Velours Review

Luxury Beauty from Chanel and Lancome 002

It’s that most wonderful time of the year.. The time where I treat myself to a Christmas splurge in Boots!

After some careful loyalty card point juggling I got a couple of things I’ve been saving for – some new Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (om nom) and a Lancôme L’Absolu Velours in Velours de Grenade to try out. I also randomly bought something I definitely didn’t need, just to get more points (I am such a sucka for buy 3 get so and so points deals!); this was the Chanel Crayon de Levres in 24 ‘Rouge’ to try and start to prevent the messy bleed I get when using the multitude of red lipsticks I now own.

Lancome LAbsolu Velours Bright Red Lip Gloss 001

I’d read about the Lancôme Matte Lip Gloss collection (nice oxymoron there) on pretty much every beauty blog in the last few weeks, and as a devout Matte lipstick fan, I decided to give it a try.

I chose the shade ‘Velours de Grenade’ which is a slightly darker, bright red with blue undertones. While I’m still not very good at matching the right red to my natural lip colour and skin tone, I thought this would be a safe bet in terms of wearability both day and night. The packaging is great; feels expensive (and bloody well it should, this lip gloss tips the high end of the scale at £20) and I feel like that you get quite a lot of product in terms of volume.

The description on launch describes the collection as “offering the richness and application of a gloss and the coverage and hold of a lipstick”. I guess by richness they mean texture; upon first application I was slightly concerned about how liquid the gloss was when applying and prepared myself to make a right old mess. But as you can see from the picture below, I did alright in the end!

Lancome Red Lip Make Up Look 002

Kohl Eye Liner // Benefit BADGal Waterproof Black Eyeliner
Mascara // Benefit BADGal Waterpoof Mascara
Eye Shadow // Urban Decay in Chopper
Blush // Benefit Benetint
Lipgloss // Lancome L’Absolu Velours in Velours de Grenade

Overall, I’d give the product 9/10. Colour that slides on but goes Matte? Sounds too good to be true; but it is true – Lancome have proved it.

Chanel Le Crayon Levres Lip Pencil in Red 001

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum 001