Payday Splurging

Pay day. How do I love thee, let me count the ways (or days, in this case).

There’s nothing quite like making it to the end of the month and knowing that the weekend after pay day will be a little bit like Christmas to myself (albeit, shopping in Brighton in June leads to a very sweaty Christmas). This last shopping weekend was pretty successful by all counts – Dan had to drive his mum back to Gosport so I spent a glorious 3 hours mooching around all the shops I normally bypass for the sake of speed.

While I bought quite a few beauty bits and pieces, I thought I’d share with you my new favourite shoes and a great comfortable dress from Warehouse that really suits my colouring, plus a go-with-everything multi strand gold necklace.


Warehouse Topshop Stuff I Bought 043 mini

Aztec Print Dress // Warehouse
Tan T bar Clogs // Topshop
Multi-Strand Necklace // Topshop

And a little close up on the sandals. They’re called Nano T-Bar Clog Sandals, these ones in Tan, and I am pleased to report that after an hour of traipsing up and down Bexhill (land of old people) Promenade on Sunday night, they are pretty damn comfortable too. My feet are kind of wide so they rubbed a tiny bit, but I think they’re probably the most comfortable wedge/high heels I’ve had in a while! Topshop also do them in white and patent red (which are kinda cool) so I would highly recommend them.


Topshop Tan Clogs 042 mini


Coming up on the blog soon I have a few beauty posts – a new perfume, mascara and a review of the infamous Benefit ‘Fake Up’ concealer. Keep your eyes peeled, yo.

What have you bought recently? Leave me a comment! (Go on, you know you want to :) )